List: Tools I love and hate

Sean Aubin
2 min readApr 16, 2017

No one wants to read a series of blog posts about the various tools I use on a daily basis and how I feel about them. But maybe someone wants to read one blog post? Here it is in one place.


Bandcamp You let me buy and download music for all my favourite artists and then you get the hell out of my way.

MindMup You’re still the only mind-mapping solution that works for me.

Pocket Thanks for helping me realize that most articles I think I want to read, I actually only want to read at the time because I’m bored.

TrulyErgonomic Keyboard The gateway drug of ergonomic keyboards.


Android Who do I have to kill to get a phone that is regularly updated? Also, can we please get a secure system with the next version?

Itunes I don’t need you to sync, I need you to let me drop in a folder into my file-system and for you to discover it.

Ubuntu Why the hell do I have to download a package to get sane power management.

Windows I know you’re super-secure and you’re still the OS I trust my grandfather with, but you’ve made it impossible to move a window between virtual desktops with a keyboard shortcut. For this I will never forgive you.

PDFs I know why you exist, but it doesn’t make me hate you any less. You make me have to use other tools like pdfgrep just to search through you and you’re stunting the progress of scientific communication.



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